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How do I unsubscribe from Databowl emails?Want to stop receiving emails from Databowl? Then check this guide for a quick solution.
How can I add multiple rule groups faster? Using a CSV -Comma Separated Values FileCreating custom rule groups and submitting a test lead to allow the system to put a lead into a required lead status such as rejected.
How do I collect a Sub Supplier ID (SSID) on my Landing Page?If you're working with Sub Suppliers and a Landing Page, then you'll need to add a little bit of code to your form.... this guide will help.
How can I change my company name and details?Need to change your company details, follow this guide.
How do I get the my Databowl Landing Page Field in JavaScript?If you're wanting to target your Databowl LP Field in JS, maybe through field ID, then this is for you.
How do I replace X with Y before forwarding?If you need to change your data before forwarding, this guide is for you, maybe it's a null to a 0 or a YES to a yes, then check it…
How do I change the email or password on my account?Update your account information for your Databowl account.
How Can I Reject Leads as a Campaign Client?If you're a client of a campaign, and want to reject leads, this guide is for you.
What is Sharebowl?You may have seen this mentioned around on databowl, Sharebowl is basically our internal term for the Databowl Hosted Landing Pages.
I'm seeing no results on an Affiliate Event export despite their being results?Having issues exporting your affiliate events.
How Do I Encode My CSV File Using the UTF-8 Format?CSV files imported into Databowl need to be saved with UTF-8 encoding. Learn how to convert them here...
Campaign CAP DiscrepanciesSeeing some differences in your campaign Caps vs your reports? Here's a few tips that may help.
How Do I reprocess a lead from a PingTree campaign?Got leads on your PingTree that you want to reprocess or re-attempt a delivery? Then follow this guide.
Generating a HAR file for troubleshootingWhen troubleshooting complex issues, it's sometimes necessary for our team to obtain additional info, this guide shows how to get that info.
How do I remove a user?If you've got a user account that you no longer want to be able to access the system, this guide is for you.
How can I reject leads based on a date?Learn how to reject leads if a date field is eg: 5 days greater than today's date or between a specified date range.
How do I ensure postcode are correctly formatted?Whether you are wanting to reject postcodes without a space or force them to have one, this guide is for you.
How do I access my browser Console LogsIf you're reporting an error, you may be asked to supply console logs. Here's a quick rundown on how to do this.
GDPR Consent FAQsLearn how you can work with the GDPR rules with Databowl.
Where can I find my Integration DocumentLooking for the details on how to send data into Databowl, then you need the integration doc.
Is there a profanity filter available?Want to filter out swear words on your leads... here's a few tips
How do I generate a new SSH key pair?Need to generate a new SSH key pair? follow this guide.
What is this LLV Code? LLV Validation Response Codes ExplainedUK only - This is a real-time lookup for landline numbers in the UK. It will reject any dead, or non-connected landline numbers.
How do I reformat a telephone number without international code?
What JS events are available when working with Landing Pages and CoRegThe Landing page and Co-Reg front end javascript emits several events in order to allow you to further customise your site.
What does my lead status mean? How Understand your Lead StatusGot a lead status on your lead that you don't understand? Well, this doc is for you!
How Do I Change Timezones?If you're seeing inconsistencies in your reports compared to other users, chances are, this is because of a timezone setting.
How do I work out why a lead has been rejected?Have a rejected lead? Want to know why it was rejected. This article is for you
How do I capture time and date into two fields from my landing page?If you need the time and date of the capture to be added to your leads coming in via a landing page, then this guide will walk you though it
What are the Field Validation Options?A short article to explain some of the validation options available for your fields.
What is Lead Rejection - INVALID_FORMAT?If you're seeing a lead rejected due to INVALID_FORMAT it means one thing and it's quite easy to solve!
I have an issue with my CSV... or How Do I Replace semicolons with commasIf you have a CSV file but it contains semicolons you will need to update it to be commas. This quick guide will explain how to do this.
What is this HLR code? HLR Codes and ExplainedThis guide should explain some of the HLR response codes. These response codes are industry specific.
How can I download or save an image that is on my landing page?Save an image that is used within your landing page.