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How do I collect a Sub Supplier ID (SSID) on my Landing Page?
How do I collect a Sub Supplier ID (SSID) on my Landing Page?

If you're working with Sub Suppliers and a Landing Page, then you'll need to add a little bit of code to your form.... this guide will help.

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PLEASE NOTE: Some sections of this guide require an understanding of HTML. If you require further assistance we can be commissioned to do this whole work for you!!

Getting Started

Go to you Landing Page, and edit your form page or form partial.

Find the form fieldset tags. This should look something like this:


And inside this you're going to add a new hidden field

<div data-field-fake="ssid"> <input type="hidden" name="ssid" id="ssid" hidden> </div>

Add this to the fieldset, this can be at the top or the bottom, either works.

You do not need to delete anything already in there, you're just adding to it.

Now publish the changes.

And test.

You can add the query param ssid=100 to your URL (where 100 is the sub supplier ID you have in Databowl).

You should now have the SSID collected with your lead data.

πŸš€ Need More assistance?

If you're stuck or if this isn't something you or your team is comfortable with, then please open a new chat/ticket (chat icon in the bottom right of the screen) or email

We're here to assist with any questions you have, and if required we can quote on actioning work like this for as part of our Marketing Services.

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