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Creating a Databowl hosted Landing Page with a Form and a Thank You Page
Creating a Databowl hosted Landing Page with a Form and a Thank You Page

Our basic landing page structure, and you've probably seen it before. Fill out a form, submit and then thanks. This guide shows you how.

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Please Note: that this section goes through some aspects of web development so a basic understanding of HTML and CSS will be beneficial.

Getting Started

If you haven't done so already, first you need to create a new campaign for your landing page.

To create a new landing page you hit "Create landing page" in the Landing page tab.

Select the Landing Page Flow

The icons within the layout tell you what pages are being created

Single page form with thank you page

Leads will be shown a thank you page after submitting. This is the one we'll use... but lets explain the others.

Single page form with redirect

Leads will be redirected to a specified URL after submitting.

A/B testing

Split test your form, content and design.

Multi-page form

Leads will complete the form in stages β€” useful for long forms.


For those who want more control over the flow.

Select the Template and Click Create

We're just going to use blank theme for this one, click the create button and get cracking

Landing Page Options

IF you want to set up a few more options, you can do so on the edit landing page button on the overview section. This will come up as soon as you've clicked create.

This allows you to set a name, domain location of where the page will be hosted and define the default affiliate before you can create the page.

Your Pages

Once you've finished the form, you should see the landing page area.
On the left is a new menu, lets head to pages.

The system has then created a few pages fro you already.


This is the shared structure for all your pages, here you can add tracking codes, external fonts and more.

You can input your shared CSS and JavaScript too, so if you have a site template files, here's where you can start adding stuff.

You can also edit the HTML as required, but as you'll see, we pull in the content from the header and footer file so you might not need to do much here.


This is what will come out at the bottom of all the pages on this site.

It's shared so you don't have to repeat the code.

It's useful for copyright information etc.

Click edit and you can then apply the HTML as well as any CSS and Javascript that you might want to add just for the footer.

The "manage assets" section allows you to load any assets such as images you wish to use. You can then add in the footer. When you upload the asset Databowl will give you the embedded code to add to the site e.g.

<img src="">


Header works like the footer, but it's for the top of the site (this should make sense if you've got this far).


Content that will be shown when a user completes the form. Again, you can edit the HMTL, CSS and JS for this page, add images or whatever you need.
A nice simple message saying thank you wouldn't go amiss tho.

Some error pages

Don't worry too much about these as they are there incase of emergencies and the default content will probably be OK.


And finally, the form the user fills out.

Editing the form Page

This page, unlike others pulls in your field options.

To the right hand side you can turn on the fields you want to include, and specify the order for them as well as enable simple validators for the page - which is in addition to your backend options.

Making changes to the enabled fields here will show up a synchronisation warning.

This lets you know that the fields haven't been added to the form yet.

Hit synchronise and they'll be added to the field-set and ready to roll.

Publish or Preview

You can preview your landing page from the pages section, if all is look great, the next step is to publish.

Head to the publish tab and you'll be able to set the full URL, eg: or

Check Re-Publish everything and hit Publish.

Your site should now be live

So go get them leads.

πŸš€ Need More assistance?

If you're stuck or if this isn't something you or your team is comfortable with, then please open a new chat/ticket (chat icon in the bottom right of the screen) or email

We're here to assist with any questions you have, and if required we can quote on actioning work like this for as part of our Marketing Services.

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