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How to add GTag, GTM and Google Analytics or Other tracking code to Databowl Landing Pages
How to add GTag, GTM and Google Analytics or Other tracking code to Databowl Landing Pages

Whatever tracking codes you need to add to your landing pages, this guide is for you

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Please Note: that this section goes through some aspects of web development so a basic understanding of HTML and CSS will be beneficial.

If you're looking to add a tracking code to your site, the first step is head to the campaign and edit your site.

Once in your site you need to work out where you need your tracking code to go.

Tracking all Pages: site-layout

If you're tracking all pages in your landing page site, then edit site-layout.

You'll see some code similar to this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<yield name="header"></yield>
<yield name="content"></yield>
<yield name="footer"></yield>

Follow your tracking code instructions and place where they require.

This can be in the <head>, at the top of the <body> or even just before the </body>.

Tracking specific Pages: eg: thank-you

If you're only wanting to place the tracking on a single page, edit that page, and place your tracking code in the content area.

The content works like the body tags, so place it to the top of <content> at the top it will be placed near the top of the <body> or at the bottom it will come out near </body>.

<yield name="site-layout"></yield>
<content for="content">
I will be placed in the 'content' yield of the site layout.

Publish or Preview

We recommend you preview your tracking codes first, check they aren't showing any console errors and the views are being tracked.

You can preview your landing page from the pages section, if all is look great, the next step is to publish.

Head to the publish tab and you'll be able to set the full URL, eg: or

Check Re-Publish everything and hit Publish.

Your site should now be live

Now with extra tracking!!!

πŸš€ Need More assistance?

If you're stuck or if this isn't something you or your team is comfortable with, then please open a new chat/ticket (chat icon in the bottom right of the screen) or email

We're here to assist with any questions you have, and if required we can quote on actioning work like this for as part of our Marketing Services.

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