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Getting Started

A helpful list of quick guides to get you started with Databowl


This section has support videos to help you get started on Databowl


Short FAQs and small guides


A step by step guide to building and managing your first campaign...


Information on setting up affiliate campaigns and affiliate URLs


Viewing, filtering, importing, exporting, updating and everything to do with your leads!

Delivery and Exports

Everything about moving your leads to where they need to go, from forwarding, to scheduled tasks and more

Connecting Databowl to other Services

Forwarding leads, Receiving leads, or integrating custom workflows from other partners... this section should help.


Email and SMS responders to automate your continued lead nurturing

Landing Pages & Co Reg

Software to create and build your marketing assets and landing pages

Co-Reg Tech

Everything to do with your Co-Reg, from Sites, to Questions and more. Please note, these guides are currently being worked on and some guides are in an older UI tho may still be useful.


From campaigns, to suppliers, affiliates or landing pages, this is our guide to reporting.

Administration, Finance, Users and Companies

Administering your instance, Invoices and Billing and adding new users and companies

API Documentation

Details on our APIs and how to use them. Submit, Update, Reject and Lead Status Updates... Please note these can be technical.

Plans and Pricing

Breakdowns of instance pricing, responder fees and validation costs