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Working With Images Within Your Landing Page HTML
Working With Images Within Your Landing Page HTML

Here's a really simple guide to uploading image assets to your Databowl landing pages.

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PLEASE NOTE: This requires some HTML knowledge. We've been as thorough as we can with this information, but if you require further information beyond what is in this document please just get in touch. And remember, we can always be commissioned to create pages for you.

There are two ways to work images in your HTML in Databowl landing pages. Please consider your image sizes when uploading. An image that takes up more storage space is subject to lower page performance thus a less than optimal user experience!

Databowl can help optimise your site images! Please reach out to the Databowl support team (fees apply).

Translation (JavaScript) injected images

For this method, ensure your data-db-localized-src end with IMAGE so that the translation service knows you intend to upload an image. After you add in a translation of your own making, it can then be searched for in the translation section (see below).

<img src="" data-db-localized-src="HERO_IMAGE" src="" alt=""/>

Standard HTML images

You can also upload your images as below.

<img src="The CDN asset that is generated when you upload an image" alt="" class=""/>


πŸš€ Need More assistance?

If you're stuck or if this isn't something you or your team is comfortable with, then please open a new chat/ticket (chat icon in the bottom right of the screen) or email

We're here to assist with any questions you have, and if required we can quote on actioning work like this for as part of our Marketing Services.

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