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Form Flows: Conditional Redirects
Form Flows: Conditional Redirects

Set up conditional redirects on your landing page form to redirect to a different thank you page based on a rule group

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Sometimes you may want to redirect your landing page users to different thank you pages based on certain criteria. With Databowl pages you can set up a form flow to do this. To edit a form flow, edit your page and then click 'Edit Flow'.

The screenshot below shows a conditional redirect form flow whereby the lead submission creates the lead in Databowl and then performs one redirect based on the rule group name 'Town is Sheffield'. In this rule group there is a single rule with a field of towncity, an operator of equal to (==) and a value of Sheffield.
As an example of conditional logic we want to redirect to the second thank-you page if the towncity field has the value of Sheffield.

Below is a screenshot of how this is set up under the conditional redirect flow. You need to specify the page/redirect where the rule is matching and not matching (separately) for this to work.

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