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How to enable a DOI workflow for leads on Databowl
How to enable a DOI workflow for leads on Databowl

DOI or Double Opt In is a great tool for validating users, if you their opt in confirmed via email or SMS, then this will show you how.

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PLEASE NOTE: This guide will explain how to get something similar to a Double Opt In working for you leads, but before we proceed, please read the following disclaimer - apologies, but we need to be clear

1: that this section goes through some aspects of web development so a basic understanding of HTML and CSS will be beneficial.

2: Databowl does not officially offer DOI functionality, and whilst the process in this document can be used it comes with no guarantee or additional support.

3: This method relies on responders and reprocessing of leads, both of which - reprocessing in particular - can be subjected to queues at busy times.

Please be aware that at times of high volume, this could mean that the leads take longer to get delivered.

Add your Field

Setup a field called doi (or something similar, whatever you need, but just remember the reference).

Make this a hidden field in field definitions.

Add a new Page to your Landing Page

Create a thank you page

this is thanking the user for their DIO

Create a page called DOI

This should have a hidden form.

And some JS which triggers the form to auto submit.

$(function() {
sbf.getForm('form-1').data.leadId = {value: sb.URI.getQueryParameterByName('lid'), previous: null, valid: true};
var registerForm = sbf.getForm('form-1');
registerForm.addData({F_1685_DOI: "yes"});

Please Note: The F_1685_DOI ID fo the field will differ on your instance, so ensure you get it correct

Set a page flow

Set a flow of update lead flow node with it reprocessing the lead - this part is key.

Add a redirect to a thank you page



Get the page published, ensure you use the republish everything option.

Create a Responder

This can be an SMS or an email, whatever you are trying to confirm.

Add a link to the DOI form page within the message it should look something like this...


doi.html is the filename of the DOI page. If you used something else, change it here.

Where F_364_DOI is the ID of your DOI field - this will be different for you as mentioned before.

​lid={{lid}} is the lead ID which is used to update the original lead with yes in the doi field, our resopnder system populates this for you,

Adjust your Forwarder

If you have a forwarder, then you need to create a condition set and add this to the forwarder.

Create a rule group of Match one, where the field DOI must be equal to yes

Then apply this as a conditional forwarder.

This way it will only send when the DOI equals yes! And this only happens when they visit that DOI page you have created.


Now we have the pieces, go through and do a real test yourself, follow each step.
Submit as a new lead

Check the lead hasn't been forwarded
Check the responder has been sent
Click the link in the responder
Check the lead has been updated

Check the lead has been sent

and then give it another test to make sure.

What happens when a user doesn't click

Any leads that haven't clicked the DOI link will sit in the received status until they click the link.

For these you could set up additional responders to nudge them or export them for other usages if required.

🚀 Need More assistance?

If you're stuck or if this isn't something you or your team is comfortable with, then please open a new chat/ticket (chat icon in the bottom right of the screen) or email

We're here to assist with any questions you have, and if required we can quote on actioning work like this for as part of our Marketing Services.

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