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Why is my landing page showing forbidden.html?
Why is my landing page showing forbidden.html?

Redirect to forbidden.html on your Databowl pages? This article will help you troubleshoot this.

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If your landing page or coregistration site pages are redirecting to a forbidden page, it typically indicates that your default affiliate campaign source is turned off. To resolve this, simply re-enable it, and you should be able to access your pages without encountering redirection to the forbidden page.

If you do toggle the default affiliate back on and you are still being redirected to the forbidden page try a hard refresh or incognito to ensure nothing is cached by your browser.

The Default Affiliate is denoted by a star next to it in your campaign sources. Be mindful that turning it off will direct traffic to the forbidden page on your landing page or co-registration sites. Think of it as temporarily pausing access to your pages.

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