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Setting up affiliates for your Databowl hosted Landing Page
Setting up affiliates for your Databowl hosted Landing Page

Want to add affiliates to your Databowl Landing Page? Follow this guide.

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This article covers how to setup a Databowl hosted landing page and enable the right URL for affiliate setup.

In the Landing pages tab go to edit

On the page you want to drive traffic to go to edit

Enable the affiliate you want to enable (you will need to do this for any new affiliate you add)

Go to the supplier integration doc on the affiliate you enabled

Any URLs you added will be visible here:

The affiliate simply needs to add ClickID to the end of the URL to pass their unique ID for postback tracking


โ€‹NOTE - you need to communicate this parameter with the affiliate as it wont be appended to the URL

In Affiliate tracking tab under affiliate URLS you should see the site under Landing Pages

select the affiliate, select GET (its almost always GET), add the affiliates post back URL, add and Save ( As ClickID was used you would use %ClickID% to pass this value back in the postback section)

NOTE - the parameter ClickID is case sensitive

You can test the postback by clicking your test link from your tracking system, taking the ClickID value (which should be visible in the URL when you click through) and pasting it in the Test section

Now you are all setup.

Trouble shooting & Tips

You don't need to add URLS in the affiliates section and should not be driving traffic to a dbevt URL when using a databowl hosted sharebowl site. You always drive traffic to the site URL with the affId added as per the setup doc). If you have added URLS simply switch them off to avoid confusing

If you setup doc shows a dbevt URL it means yo have not added the affiliate to the page so enable as per earlier instuctions.

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