Get leads from Landingi?

How can I send data into a Databowl campaign Landingi using the API found within a campaign source integration document

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Please Note: that this guide goes through some aspects of web development so a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript will be required.

Step 1

From Landigni, click SETTINGS.

This will bring up a pop-up with the form fields you're working with.

Step 2

From your databowl integration document, get your sid (supplier id) and cid (campaign id).

Step 3

Add the sid and cid fields as hidden Landingi form fields.

Step 4

Click 'additional options' on each form field.

Ensure the field name matches up to your Databowl campaign integration document form fields.

For example, email would be f_1_email and so on.

Step 5

Once your form fields are configured the next step is to setup a Landingi integration.

Click on the 'Send the form to an URL as POST' and enter the URL from your databowl integration document.

Step 6

Click 'Save and close'.

Now put a test form submission through your Landingi form.

Step 7

Under 'View Leads' in your Databowl instance check that the test lead has arrived.

That's it! You've now setup an integration between Landingi and Databowl! Now feel free to utilise the plethora of Databowl campaign-side validation tools that are available to you.


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