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Creating a Campaign - The video guide - Video
Creating a Campaign - The video guide - Video

Want to create a campaign but would rather watch a video guide... get a load of this.

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Get started with creating your first campaign

Adding fields

Add some fields, and custom fields to your campaign

Adding sources

This is where you can essentially invite new traffic sources to drive traffic to your campaign. If they already exist or they've already been invited to data bowl that appear in your dropdown otherwise we can add them

Condition sets

These are great tools that you can use to define very specific requirements for a campaign. Reject anything in a postcode region, for leads of specific genders and more.

Custom Deduplication

You have the ability to create granular and custom DG application in this section here. So if you click on the deduplication section here, if you already have one created, you can, find and assign one here.

Adding Caps

Create individual caps for your campaign. Define the amount, whether it's a limit set overall, a daily, weekly, monthly, or even a custom cap...

Suppression files

These can be inclusion or exclusion files. Load your files and map how it will work

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