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A Ping Tree (or Pingtree) campaign is a tool where leads can be sent to numerous campaigns in real-time based on settings you specify.

Before you begin

It's important to note that you cannot reprocess leads in a ping tree.
So if you think you will need the reprocessing function, you will need to set up a standard lead generation campaign (we call this 'The Master Campaign' that then feeds into the Pingtree).

Creating the Ping Tree campaign

Click + Create Campaign to start the process.

Give your campaign a name, add a logo or image and click Ping Tree.

Select your usual settings, such as countries and currencies,

Next select the type of Ping Tree you want to use

All Matching Campaigns

This will deliver to all the campaigns that match the campaign criteria

First Matching Campaign

Will only deliver to one campaign it matches with

N Matching Campaigns

This then gives a text box to enter the max number of campaigns a lead can be sent too

Set your Campaign up

Select how the Ping Tree will be evaluated

We have two options here.


The Ping Tree will send based on the order the campaigns appear in the list. You can drag an drop the campaigns to be in the order you need.

Databowl will evaluate the campaigns in the list and work down in order until it finds a match.


Weighting allows you to specify an amount of leads (out of 100) for each campaign.

It will evaluate all possible destinations the record could be distributed to and apply the relevant weighting eg:

Ping Tree set up to send to only 1 matching campaign.

campaign 1 - weighting 10

campaign 2 - weighting 15

campaign 3 - weighting 5

campaign 4 - weighting 30

Lead meets criteria of campaign 1,2 and 4 and fails to meet criteria for 3.

The chance of a lead going to each campaign are as follows:

campaign 1 - weighting 10/55 =18%

campaign 2- weighting 15/55 =27%

campaign 4- weighting 30/55 = 55%

The weighting is only out of 55 not 60 as campaign 3 is discounted due to the fact it doesn't match the criteria.

A simple example

Working it to a percentage can make it easier to understand how you want to distribute the leads.

So If you wanted to deliver to campaigns with an even split, you can set them up for ease.

campaign 1 - weighting 50

campaign 2 - weighting 50

Adding Ping Tree Campaigns

If you've not already added a campaign to your Ping Tree, you should see something like below

Simply select the campaigns from the dropdown, and click add.

A new modal should appear to guide you through the steps


When adding a campaign to your Ping Tree, the first step is to add any missing fields.

If all fields are present, then you'll see something like this.


You then need to go through an map all the fields or ensure they are mapped correctly.

Require Valid Fields

Next we can enable the required fields.


Finally, we need to make sure the sources between the two campaigns are in sync.

You'll be able to add them on this step.

Managing Ping Tree Campaigns

Once you've got your campaigns added, you can set them to active or not to stop delivery.

You can change from weight delivery to order and vice versa.

You just need to remember to set the weight if the value comes up as 0!

Check out the video here

Test, Test, Test

If you've followed the above, you should now be ready to deliver some tests and ensure the ping tree is working as expected.

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