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Validation Costs Explained
Validation Costs Explained

Breakdown of all the costs for our validation services including premium services and free ones!

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Please Note: These costs may be subject to changes, please contact us if you have any queries. These costs may vary subject to the network charges, please check with Databowl before using these services

HLR (live mobile validation)

£3.50 to check 1000 leads

Available in: UK, FR. AUS, DE, NL, SE, FI

LLV live (landline verification)

£10.00 to check 1000 leads

Available in: UK

AU Landline Validation

Please contact for pricing and availability

Available in: AUS

Email Validation

£5.00 to check 1000 leads*

Available: Worldwide

*FREE checks available based upon predictive (@hotmail, gmail etc..)

Address verification

£25.00 to check 1000 addresses

Available in: UK*

*For other locations, please contact to discuss your requirements.

Salacious names:


Age Checker:




De-duplicating against suppression files

Free based on using your suppression file limit (usually 10 unless more has been agreed or purchased)


Free Check for phone number format validity.

eg: enough digits

eg: for UK mobiles, starts with 07 XXXX

eg: for landlines, starts with 0

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We're here to assist with any questions you have, and if required we can quote on actioning work like this for as part of our Marketing Services.

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