Forwarding - API Responses

Update your lead based on the responses you get back from your forwarding API!

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This section is mainly for when forwarding using HTTP post.

If your forward is a Databowl to Databowl forward, then these will be slightly different and it will match settings automatically when you set up the forwarder.

Getting Started

In order for Databowl to know what the forwarding responses from the forwarding API, you will need to configure the responses accordingly.


When testing the forwarder you've set up, the best thing to do is test with good and bad data.

By doing this you will be given the option to map the response from the good and bad data accordingly.

Here's an example for a bad response.

Next we'd click Map Response

On this page we have a couple of options

Match Types

Status Code

If we know we get a good status code for each response, 200 for OK, 201 for created, 400 for failures, 401 for unauthorise etc.

Then this should be enough.

Response body Contains - Full

If the response body comes back with OK, KO, FAIL etc, then we can map on just this.

But if it starts to show bits additional information that could change with each lead, such as lead ID, then we'll need a partial match or "body contains"

Response Body Contains - Partial

If we edit the response body below this field, we can tweak to allow it to match only based on the contents.... so we could remove anything like leadid, and just look for the SUCCESS or LEAD CREATED etc.

Lead Status and Forwarding Status

Now we have an API response and we know what it is, we can just set the lead status and forwarding status accordingly, we map good things to success and accepted, bad things to rejected and client rejected... and we're good to go.

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