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Want to update a lead via an API? Or maybe Reprocess? Or Validate? then check this out.

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This doc is intended for developers, so you'll either need to know a bit of programming to achieve this, or know someone who does.

If you need to commission Databowl to integrate this with your system, just open a new chat with us and we'll discuss.

NOTE: Our lead update API will only work with backend/server side technology, if you need this to work with front end systems, you'll need to create a backend end point first.

Getting Started with the Update API

You can update lead data, optionally reprocessing and/or validating, by making a HTTP POST request to the following API:


Where {lead_id} is the ID of the lead that you wish to update.

And {instance} is the name of your Databowl instance you're working with.

You should then pass the following parameters in the body of the request:

  • key = your API key
    you can find this either from the person managing the instance, or drop us a line and we'll get one for you.

  • reprocess - true or false
    This indicates if the lead should be reprocessed. Defaults to false if you don't supply anything.

  • validate - true or false.
    This Indicates if the lead should be re-validated. Defaults to false.

In addition you should then pass the lead data that you wish to update in the same method as you would submit the lead e.g

f_1_email parameter = your brand new value!!!

With that you should be able to trigger updates on your leads with new data, as they progress on journeys outside of the Databowl system.

Nifty... Geeky, but Nifty

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